What are the ingredients in Halcyon?
Ingredient information can be found here and information on clinical studies pertaining to the ingredients here.

What is the nutritional profile of Halcyon?
Nutrition information can be found here.

How do I get the best results/when should I take Halcyon?

Halcyon is designed to be taken daily to support memory, focus, and mood as well as long-term brain health.  

We recommend taking Halcyon with your morning coffee or tea. Feel free to take a second serving mid-afternoon for those extra long days, just avoid taking it within four hours of bedtime. Do not exceed four capsules per day.

Take Halcyon daily for optimal long-term benefits - Halcyon was specifically designed to be taken daily without any ingredient tolerance buildup and is formulated for positive cognitive benefits over the long term.

How many capsules should I take?

The recommended dosage is two capsules however if you react strongly to stimulants, we recommend starting with one capsule for the first time you try Halcyon. Alternately, if two is not giving you the desired effect, you can try taking three capsules. Reminder, Halcyon is stimulant-free and specifically formulated to provide long-term cumulative cognitive improvement - for best results take Halcyon daily. Do not exceed four capsules per day.

What will I experience?
Your experience will vary based on a number of genetic, as well as lifestyle factors such as other supplements and stimulant intakes, even though the Halcyon formula is stimulant-free.

Typically people report feeling increased focus, elevated mood, and more motivation within 30 minutes of taking Halcyon, a peak around two hours, followed by a slow descent over the following four hours.

Designed for daily use, Halcyon's Dopa-XR™ is a patent-pending cognitive enhancement technology based on a microencapsulation system designed to time the release points in the GI tract to maximize performance.

This improves the release profile delivering more sustained effects as these compounds are metabolized in the brain.

Dopa-XR™ takes an already powerful nootropic ingredient, Theacrine, and extends its release to support wakefulness and various dimensions of cognition for several hours.

The result is lasting focus, drive, and mental acuity.

Dopa-XR™ activates similar signaling pathways to caffeine but lasts longer.

Research shows our microencapsulated ingredient (Theacrine), is non-habituating, suggesting users do not develop a tolerance to its effects.

Effects that are extended through our XR release technology include improved focus, memory, and motivation.

Avoid taking within four hours of bedtime. Reminder, do not exceed recommended dose (four capsules per day). Pregnant and nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition or who are taking prescription medication should consult a physician before taking this or any dietary supplement.

How long will it take for me to tell if it’s working?
The amount of time before you begin to notice Halcyon’s effects can vary, some report a noticeable increase in focus and motivation within as little as 60 minutes, with a peak around two hours in.

The short-term effects will last between a few hours and a few days depending on how much you take and your specific metabolism. The long-term effects like more neurons and synaptic connections can last a long time if you utilize the lifestyle strategies that we recommend in our Neuromethod360 program.


Halcyon was designed to create a neurological environment conducive to brain health and cognitive performance. So while some of the ingredients give you immediate benefits or benefits within a few days, other ingredients are targeted toward enhancing neuroplasticity or the creation of new neurons and dendrites. The result is that if you use Halcyon for months, you are likely to feel the benefits for much longer due to the improved neurological environment.

Can I take Halcyon in addition to other supplements or alongside medication?

If you are concerned about interactions with other supplements or medications, please contact your physician before taking Halcyon.

How do I get the best results?

There is no need to cycle - take Halcyon daily for optimal long-term benefits. It’s designed to be taken daily without any tolerance buildup to the ingredients and is specifically formulated for positive cognitive benefits over the long term. This differs from most other nootropics on the market which need to be cycled to give your brain a ‘break.’ Halcyon does not require these breaks, because it is not working against your neurochemistry, but rather is working alongside it, augmenting and optimizing natural processes.

Halcyon is designed to support cognitive function and productive mental states, keeping you in a flow state. As a part of a holistic lifestyle, Halcyon promotes optimal cognitive health and peak brain performance. Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental engagement, emotional management, and an empowered outlook are all essential for a healthy body and brain. You can find out more about this in Halcyon’s Neuromethod360 program.


Halcyon is most effective when you are well rested and is not intended to improve brain function when low on sleep. Depending on your lifestyle, your optimal amount of sleep is critical for your optimal brain function. When you work your brain more intensely, it can increase your need for sleep, as is the case with intense exercise. If you have any issues getting restful sleep or experience minor insomnia, we suggest you try taking Halcyon earlier in the day or lowering the dosage, before ceasing use.


For best results please adhere to the instructions below!

For optimal benefits take Halcyon daily. Halcyon pairs great with coffee or tea pairs and may reduce some of the negative effects of caffeine such as jitters or anxiety.


Avoid taking Halcyon too close to bedtime as it may interfere with sleep.

Make sure to drink enough water - your brain is 73% water. It takes only 2% dehydration to affect your attention, memory and other cognitive skills.

Cannabis or alcohol use may alter the effects of Halcyon.

I only take Halcyon on extra long work days - do you have a monthly subscription with a lower quantity of capsules?

Halcyon is designed to be taken daily - although you may not feel you need it on “off” days, it’s specifically formulated for daily use leading to optimal cognitive benefits over the long term through better neuroplasticity and blood flow to key areas of the brain. If a single capsule daily is more optimal for you, please let us know so we can notify you if we offer a smaller quantity bottle by the form here.


Subscription Program Details

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My subscription has renewed and I’ve been charged but have not received my bottle(s) yet - why is that?

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Safety and Quality

Will Halcyon produce a false positive on a drug test?
No, there are no ingredients in Halcyon that will show up on a drug test. There are no banned substances in Halcyon.

Shelf life and expiration
Store Halcyon in a cool dark place. Consume within one year of receiving your bottle for optimal effects.

Halcyon ingredient clinical studies
To learn more about clinical studies for the ingredients in Halcyon go here.

Are the ingredients safe?

All ingredients are FDA compliant and Halcyon is psychologist formulated. Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant and nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition or who are taking prescription medication should consult a physician before taking this or any dietary supplement.

Is Halcyon vegan?
Our current capsules are not vegan or vegetarian, but this is on our roadmap. If this is a deal-breaker for you, please let us know here, and we will inform you when we offer a vegan option.

Is Halcyon organic?

As a result of the types of ingredients necessary in making nootropics such as Halcyon, to the best of our knowledge, there are no nootropic stacks that are completely organic.

However, as we deeply care about the quality and safety of Halcyon, we do have many ingredients which are organic and our product is made in an FDA certified facility.

In addition to this, all our ingredients are tested for heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and other forms of environmental toxins. We also retest the finished product to further ensure that none of the aforementioned harmful elements are introduced during the manufacturing process.

Additionally, we use the most potent, pure, bioavailable form of each ingredient, considering proper ratios for systemic balance. All our ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical basis of their safety and efficacy. We take into account several kinds of research: Phase II & III university and clinical trials, strong quantified self-research data (e.g. on racetams like noopept), and over 40+ years international research on nootropic stack formulations.

Medical disclaimer

This product is not intended to treat or cure any medical diagnosis or condition.

As with all dietary supplements, consult with your physician before taking any new supplements.

Please review our terms and conditions and privacy policy for additional information.